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GTD + Evernote: What's the point?

Thinking about my last dozen posts, I realized that I didn't get you started with the end in mind.  (Covey habit #2)

Why would you want to use GTD and put your life in Evernote?  

Great question.

1.  This is not for everyone.  If you haven't read GTD, then you won't get it.  If you have used GTD, then you will understand what having a mind like water will do for your life.

2.  Your mind is great at deciding and thinking.  It is not good at storing information.  I ascribe the the limited brain cell theory.  If you use up brain cells storing, then you can't use them for thinking.  

3.  If you have a system and everything is in your system, then you don't have to think about the system, you can get things done instead.  

Why Evernote?  I am not a huge Evernote fan nor am I an expert on Evernote.  I consider it a tool just like the rest of the tools in my tool chest in the garage.  I don't fret all day wondering if the screwdriver feels bad that it only gets used a few times a year.  Likewise I don't lose sleep over what I put in Evernote.  Once it is in there and processed, there is no need to worry about it any more.  It will come up at the time it needs acted upon.

To me, Evernote and GTD seem to be a great combination.  


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