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More Puppies

Yes, more puppies.  We aren't done yet.

Nap Time

This one was too funny to pass up.  Not a great shot, but it brought a chuckle. 

Puppy Eyes

I had a great time last Saturday taking pictures of my brother's Golden Retriever litter.  12 puppies total and they all lived!  Here is the first of many shots of them.

This is also my Week 4 submission to #2012PROJECT52
Theme this week theme is "eyes"

Pipe 2

Here is the second shot of the irrigation pipe.  I think I like the first one better.

Rake 2

Another HDR of farm equipment.  

Red Rake

I've been messing around in Aperture 3 a bit trying to learn how to do some more interesting things like emphasizing one specific color. 

Laying Pipe

How about an HDR of a pile of irrigation pipe?

Rake 1

The other day I was over at the neighbor's house taking a few photos of an old house that is on the property and there were a bunch of pieces of old farm equipment.  Here is the first of a several shots.


I'm not sure if there is still gas in this tank, but I hope not.  It is about rusted through.

This Old House 1

The owner of this house told me that he is going to demolish it this summer before it falls down and hurts someone.  He was kind enough to let me take a few pictures of it.   It has an interesting history, but I will tell the story with a few photos over the next couple of weeks.  Here is #1. 


This week's submission to the +GPLUS::P52::2012.#2012Project52 Theme: Rule of Thirds. 

It was Monday afternoon and I didn't have a submission for this week's theme so I went over to my neighbor's old chicken coop and did a quick HDR. Yes, it is overdone. Yes, it has no subject. However, you can't deny that it is definitely a rule of thirds picture.

Pine Cones

This was my submission to GPLUS::P52::2012 Week 2 (Winter).  I thought I would include it on my blog for reference.

Conference Center Ceiling

Here is a black and white of the LDS Conference Center ceiling.  Amazing structure!

Through the Lights

I found another shot of temple square that I wanted to share.  This is taken from in front of the Deseret Book store.

Salt Lake Temple

Here is the final shot in the series of photos I took this last Christmas time at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

Assembly Hall

Continuing my series at Temple Square, here is a shot of the Assembly Hall

Tabernacle Lights

Continuing my series of the lights at Temple Square, here his a shot of the north side of the tabernacle. 

Visitor's Center

This is my attempt to capture a difficult picture.  It is was completely dark outside and the Christus statue inside the visitor's center is lit up.  I did a 3 shot HDR (+/- 2).   The exposure was so long that I thought the camera may have malfunctioned on the third shot.  

The lights you see on the left side are used to light up the manger scene during the nativity presentation.  Again, if you haven't been to Temple Square in SLC at Christmas time you should put it on your list of things to do. 

Happy New Year!

It's time to clean up the Christmas Decorations.  We took all the lights off the house yesterday.  As I looked at the pile of lights I thought it might be a good picture.  Here is the result.   

Last year I had a goal to post 150 pictures on my blog.  As you can see I got it done.  This year my goal is to improve the quality of my photos.  I need to learn how to use Aperture and Photomatix more effectively. 
Also, I have another goal.  I follow a few hundred photographers over on Google Plus.  This year I'm participating in Google Plus 2012 Project 52.  I need to post one photo a week to the site that fits the theme of the week.  The first week is, of course, happy new year.  Check out the other photos here