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North End

We ought to add one more to the series.  Here is a picture of the mural on the North end of the inside of the Union Pacific building.

Inside the UP Building

Here is an HDR of the inside of the Union Pacific building in Salt Lake City.

5 Windows

Inside the Union Pacific building are 5 stained glass windows.  This panorama doesn't really do them justice, but I did my best.  Enjoy.

John Deere

How about a little HDR of a tractor and spreader?  Taken in Cache Valley on Halloween.

Sun Rays at the Bay

Another shot at Farmington bay.   The sun rays below the clouds looked kind of cool.

Duck Boat

Took this shot right before sunset.  All the duck hunters were coming in to the boat ramp at Farmington Bay. 

Sunset on the Bay

Sunset over Farmington Bay

Union Pacific

The Union Pacific building is right across from the Energy Solutions Arena.   It isn't much of a station any more, it is basically the entrance to the Gateway Mall.  I'll post a few shots of inside the building in the coming days.

Energy Solutions

I have to admit that I like symmetry.

My Favorite Store

Ok, it's not my "Favorite" store, but it is my favorite store in the Gateway mall. 

Assembly Hall

Here is a shot of the organ inside the Assembly Hall at Temple Square.  No, I don't have a wide angle lens.  This is a simple 4 shot HDR panorama.

3 Benches

Yes, I'm running out of stuff to post.  I need to get out and take some more photos of the city.  Today you will just have to put up with one more shot of the Brigham Young park. 

Green Water

Here is another shot inside of the Brigham Young Historic Park.  I'm not sure what I was going for here. Maybe the contrast between the white rocks and the green water is interesting?


Here is another set of statues in Brigham youn park.  Even though it is late in the season, we still have some nice color on the trees. 

2 Boys

Yesterday I took my lunch hour in Brigham Young Historic Park.  Here is a fun shot of a couple of the statues in the park. 


This is my first real attempt at wildlife photography.  Even though they are just a couple of geese in Farmington pond, I learned a lot when I took this picture.  The heads are too black.  The water has too much reflection in the water behind the geese and it distracts from the animals.   The chest of the geese are blown.  Hopefully I won't make those mistakes again. 

American West Photography

Sorry, no picture today.  Just a shameless plug for a friend of mine.
Brent Russell Paull came to our lunchtime photo group at work today.  He gave an amazing hour long presentation that had our group sitting on the edge of their seats and eating out of his hands.   This guy takes incredible photographs.  I am particularly impressed with his wildlife work.  I felt like I was drinking from a fire hose as I tried to absorb all that he was trying to teach us.  Thanks for coming Brent.
His web site is called American West Photography.  Please go check it out.

Assembly Hall

This is a shot inside the Assembly hall on Temple Square.  It sits in the shadow of the Tabernacle so it doesn't get as much press, but it is still very beautiful inside.  I think the columns that are painted to look like marble are particularly interesting.

Red bush

Yes, there is an abundance of Salt lake Temple pictures.  But this is my blog and if I want to throw on in once and a while, then I will.  The red bush is what caught my eye.   I'm not sure if bracketing this shot and then turning Photomatix loose on it helped very much.  When you are shooting in full sun, trying to do something interesting with HDR doesn't always improve the picture.  This may be an example.  The middle shot wasn't much different from this one.  I might have gotten the same effect by just playing around with the middle shot in Photoshop.

Gullivan and State

I don't even know what the name of this building is.  I should have walked around the other side and found out, but I had to get back to my fabric box before I turned into a pumpkin.   The sky was great for an HDR.  Because it is so bright at noon it is hard to take full advantage of an HDR, but I really like what it does for the clouds.

The Regent

This is going to be a beautiful building when it it done.  It is the Regent in City Creek.   It was an incredibly nice day today.  From now on it is downhill into the winter.  I say bring it on.

Temple Fountain

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I went out and took some pictures around temple square.  It was so bright that when I took this shot the shutter speed was 1/4000.  So silky water here, just frozen in time.

Rock on a stick

OK, I admit it.  I don't get it.  Why is this rock on the top of this column?  Yes, I understand that it is some sort of sun dial, but with the tall buildings surrounding the Gullivan Center, it is in the shade part of the day.  Whatever we paid for this was too much.  A rock on a stick, Wow! that's . . . um . . . dumb.  


This clock is standing near the Trax station on Main street just south of Temple Square.  With all of the construction at City Creek it kind of gets lost in the shuffle.  Personally, I thought it was kind of cool looking and I'm sure when City Creek is done it will fit in much better with the surroundings.

Gullivan Center

Here is another shot in the Gullivan center.  I'm sorry, but I don't know the name of this building.  I think Channel 2 is in the lower floors.