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DC temple

I drove by the Washington DC temple tonight and stopped to take a picture. Sorry the quality is so poor. The iPhone isn't much good in the dark.

Power Lines

I really wish I hadn't moved so close to these power lines.  I'm sure they will eventually cause brain cancer or something. 


The photo assignment for this week was "Pattern Interrupted".   I'm not sure that is what our instructor intended, but I say that the circular pattern is interrupted by the end of the pipe.  This is a +/- 2 bracket that was merged in Photomatix. 

Tree at Sunset

I know that everyone takes pictures of sunsets, but there is just something about them that makes you want to stop and take a photo. 
This is a three shot +/- 2 HDR in Photomatix.  After tone mapping I still had to mess with the contrast, brightness, saturation and sharpness to get it like I wanted.

Colonel Fletcher

I took a break from my photo class assignment to take a few shots of the family dog.  We call him Fletch.  He is named after the character in the Chevy Chase movie by the same name.   Maybe we should have named him Irwin?

Another Weed

Again, I'm just messing around with depth of field and composition for my photo class.  This one didn't make the cut (I can only submit three photos each week),  but I thought it was kind of interesting.

Old Post (again)

I really liked the texture of this old post. 

Old Shed

An HDR of an old shed out behind the woodpile.


No, not that kind of weed.  This kind:

Old Post

I got really frustrated trying to shoot a still life in doors.  For one, I'm not that artsy-fartsy and I don't know how to set up things in a pleasingly aesthetic configuration and the only lighting I have is a couple of halogen shop lights. So, I decided to take it outside.  Who said a still life has to be of a bunch of cups or a bowl of fruit.  I would rather take pictures of old fence posts.
So, if this photography class taught me anything, it made me realize what I don't want to take pictures of.  I'll leave the indoor stuff to those that like that kind of thing.

Another Still Life

I'm still working on the still life assignment for my photo class.  Here is another attempt: