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What am I doing on Facebook?

Why I don't like Facebook.
- I have more friends that I care about. How did I get that many friends. - I don't care what color of crayon you would be if you were a crayon. - I have never played Mafia wars, but truthfully I don't give a XXXX. (bad word removed to protect the delicate sensibilities of the children in the crowd). - This easter egg thing has no redeeming value. - I feel compelled to log on every day to see if one of my "friends" posted something. - My real friends won't post anything because they think Facebook is as stupid as I do. - I have friends that are underaged girls. This is weird. How did that happen? "I swear Judge, they invited me to be their friend." - I need to get a life. Facebook isn't helping - Most of my "friends" from high school that are on Facebook wouldn't talk to me when I was in high school. Why are we suddenly friends now? - Why are there so many stupid polls? - I seems that everyone has run out…

Back from the Trek

Back from the Trek.