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Sailing into the sunset

A beautiful evening.


I don't think this is something they wanted the tourists to see.  It cast a murky haze over the whole area.


Some kids were blowing bubbles on the deck of the ship.  I tried to capture a picture of one.  Look close and you can see my reflection in the bubble.

Manzanillo 2

Another shot of the bay at Manzanillo


Here is a shot from our ship at the town of Manzanillo (our first stop). 

Carnival Spirit

Here is a shot of our boat. 

B&W Spirit

I tried a little artsy-fartsy picture of our ship (The Carnival Spirit).

Poop Rock

I don't know what else to call this rock.  It was covered with bird poop.

Pirates Cave

This cave was near the sea arch in the previous post.  It looked like something right out of a pirate movie. 

Sea Arch at Cabo

We just returned from a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  Great Trip!  I didn't take my good camera, so these pictures were all taken with a Canon A1100IS, then processed in Aperture.

This is the sea arch at the end of the Baja peninsula near Cabo San Lucas