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I realize that there is nothing compelling about an old twisted log, but I found it interesting.

Lake Alice 2

Shot #2 of Lake Alice Wyoming

Lake Alice 1

This is one of my favorite lakes to go camping and fishing.  I went up to Lake Alice Wyoming as a kid and I got the opportunity go go back this summer. You will see by the next series of pictures how beautiful it is.

Salt Lake Valley

This 3 shot HDR of the Salt Lake Valley from the top of Ensign Peak turned out great.  The clouds were perfect for this sunset photo.

Downtown SLC

Taken from the top of Ensign Peak.

Sun Star

I took this picture from the top of Ensign Peak in SLC.  It wasn't until I got home that I discovered what the sun looked like through the haze at sunset.

Upper Stillwater Dam 2

Here is another shot of the Upper Stillwater Dam.  Isn't concrete beautiful?

Stillwater River

I had a good time messing around with this picture.  Perhaps it is a bit overcooked?  It is a single shot HDR from Photomatix then I worked on it some more in Aperture.


Another HDR shot taken near the Upper Stillwater Dam.

Upper Stillwater Dam

This summer we went camping at the Upper Stillwater Dam.  One morning the dog and I went for a walk and I got some really nice HDR pictures right at sunrise.

More White Flowers

Last Shot of the Library

OK, this is the last one of the Seattle Public Library.

Red Stairs

These stairs were in the Seattle Library.  They were such a contrast to the steel and concrete that I had to get a picture of them.

Seattle Library Again

I just never get tired of looking at steel and concrete.

White Flowers

Orange Flowers

No description needed.

Library B&W

A little black and white shot of the exterior of the library

Library 2

Exterior of the Seattle Public Library.

Seattle Public Library 1

A shot of the interior of the main floor of the Seattle public library.

Yellow Escalator

These next few posts will be of the Seattle Public Library.  This escalator seemed to go on forever and the bold color felt out of place.  However, most of the things in that library were a bit on the bold side.