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A shot of a dock in Seattle.

Public Market

No trip to Seattle would be complete with a stop at the Public Market.

Seattle Public Library

Here is the first of several shots of the Seattle public library.  I took an architectural tour of the library.  Amazing structure.   This is a piece of artwork in the lower level of the library.


We were out walking around on the warf in Seattle and I saw this gull sitting on the top of a fountain.   Nothing special, just a bird.

Seattle - Ivars

I spent a week in Seattle recently.  It would not have been complete without a couple of meals at Ivars.  Yes, it is the best chowder I have ever eaten.  The seafood was great, both inside and out on the street.   You can read my review over on Yelp.

DC Rugby again

Another DC Rugby

Ok, one more DC Rugby picture from earlier this year.


One final shot of the Kaysville 4th of July Parade


DARE Car at the Kaysville 4th of July Parade

Kaysville 4th of July Parade


The DARE 2 car at the Kaysville 4th of July parade

Utah Highway Patrol

Check out this old Highway Patrol car at the Kaysville 4th of July Parade.


Another shot of some of the kids at the Centerville Parade.

Centerville Parade 3

Waiting for candy 

Centerville Parade 2

Happy 4th of July to all veterans.  It is nice to see that there are a few people who still care. 

Centerville Parade 1

These next four shots are from the Centerville Parade on July 2nd.  I particularly liked the colors in this one.  The pizza place with the red roof in the background really helped with the patriotic theme.

Radar Station

I decided to try and get a good picture of the radar station at the same time I did the snow horse.

Snow Horse

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs each year about this time above Kaysville.  The snow melts into a pattern resembling a horse.  Here are a couple of pictures.  I'm standing on the bike trail between Gentile and 200 North using my 300mm lens.