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Big Dude

Don't drop the ball



A bloody nose is part of the game.


In the Scrum

More Rugby

Dusty Scrum


One thing I admire about great sports photographers is their ability to capture the agony and intensity on the faces of athletes. 

The grass isn't green.

The grass in Vegas is not very green in February.

DC vs United

I am going to shift gears here for a few weeks and post some of the Rugby action shots that I have taken lately.  I don't have a very good telephoto lens, so it is a bit of a challenge to get great shots.  Maybe it is good practice to have to deal with a lens that doesn't focus very fast.

Here is the first in a long series.  This is DC Rugby playing United in Las Vegas.

Dam Monument

I don't get it, but it was at Hoover dam, so I took a picture of it.

Another Dam Shot

Here is another shot of Hoover Dam from the new parking garage.


I find it amusing that they paint "Danger" on the top of the dam.  I figure if you are stupid enough to climb up on the wall then maybe you ought to be culled from the herd.

Long way down

It's hard to get a scale of how big Hoover Dam really is.  All I know, that it looked like a long way down. 

Dam Worker

This statue is located near the visitors center at Hoover Dam

Dam Bridge

During our trip to Las Vegas we took an afternoon and went out to Hoover Dam.  My main reason for going out was to see this bridge.  Incredible!

Caesars Palace

A night HDR of The Palace in Las Vegas


Another HDR of New York New York in Vegas.


How about a little HDR of New York New York in Las Vegas?