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Showing posts from January, 2011

Fall in Farmington Canyon

Here is a shot I took last fall.

Fall Colors

It is cold and dreary outside, so I started working through some of my old fall photos.

Governor's Mansion

This is where the Governor lives.

Farmington Canyon Colors

I took this photo a year ago.  It is up Farmington Canyon.


A shot of the west side of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake.

State Capital

The City Library

Aperture 3 is amazing.  For the price it is loaded with features.   I took this picture in RAW.  It was badly overexposed and lacked color.  A few quick adjustments and . . . .

Salt Lake Library

I have been too lazy lately to go out and take new pictures, so I'm working through some of my older ones and practicing fixing them up in Aperture 3 and Photomatix 4

Ottinger Hall

Ottinger Hall in Salt Lake City was built in 1900 by the Volunteer Fireman's Association.

Memory Grove Park WW1 Monument

I'm still working through some old photos.  Here is one I took of the World War 1 monument in Memory Grove Park.

Tower Crane

This is another photography that I took a year and a half ago.  It is of the tower cranes at City Creek in downtown SLC.  Again, I'm playing around with Aperture 3 and the Photomatix 4 plugin.


I took this picture over a year ago just after I got my new camera.  My Christmas stocking had a copy of Aperture 3 in it along with Photomatix 4 so I have been playing around with some of my older shots.
I used the Photomatix plug in to do some tone mapping on this one.

Frosty Weed

Old Post

Not much to see here, just an old post.

Frozen Weeds

After the sun comes out, the frost disappears quickly.  I was lucky to get a shot of this.

Frosty Dog

Another shot of our family dog.

Fletcher Dog in the snow

Here is a shot of our family dog.  His name is Fletcher, like Irwin M. Fletcher in the movie Fletch.


Final shot of the Christmas lights at Temple Square

Lighted Tree

Beautiful lights on a tree in Temple Square.  

Salt Lake Temple

More Christmas lights on Temple Square

Lights at the Tabernacle

Another shot of our visit  to Temple Square

Red Lights on Temple Square

We made our annual trip to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. 

Winter Green and Red

Here is another shot from the same storm.
This picture has no real subject, hence it is boring.  However, I like the red, green, white contrast.  I was working on the depth of field.

Winter Storm

How do you capture huge snow flakes falling?  I gave it a try.