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Bajio, Cafe Rio, or Costa Vida?

It is time for the showdown.  Which one is best: Bajio, Cafe Rio, or Costa Vida?  Or is it (as was my opinion) that they are all exactly the same?

I decided to do a taste test.  Six people participated.  Three were salad testers and three were burrito testers.  None of the people who participated have any food judging experience although a couple of them have competed in cooking contests and have a couple of first place finishes to their name.   Each couple went to a different restaurant and picked up a Sweet Pork Salad and an Steak Burrito to go.  We ordered each salad with black beans and their creamy green dressing (whatever they happened to call it).  The steak burritos were ordered enchilada style with black beans. Then we all met at a central location and judged each dish on the following:

Value Score = Weight (oz)/Cost($)
Overall Appeal (visual appeal, aroma, garnish)
Recipe (Cooking, ingredient combination, too moist or dry)
Taste (Flavor combination, Seasoning, Texture)

This …

76 Trombones

OK, it is not quite 76 trombones, but a good looking group none-the-less. 

Congratulations to the DHS marching band on a great season.


Davis High School Marching band had a fantastic field show this year.  It was based on the music of  Edvard Greig from In The Hall of the Mountain King.  
During the second movement they spell out a word. 

This shot was from the top of the stand at Romney Stadium at Utah State.  It was a hand held night shot f6.3,  36mm, 1600 ISO.