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My trip to Philly would not have been complete without a picture of Rocky.

Red Bush

Even though it was overcast, there were some amazing colors in Philly that day. 

Philly 2

Here is another shot from the same location.  I think I like this one better.


A great shot of downtown Philadelphia standing on the the stairs of the Museum of Art.  Single shot HDR.


Another shot of the "Rocky" stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 


Here is another shot of that same foot path from a previous post.  I can't seem to decide which one I like better.  Single shot hand held HDR in Photomatix


I'm not sure what it is about nekid people and museums, but apparently people think the two are inseparably connected somehow.  This is another shot at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 


Another interesting statue in Philadelphia.


Just having a bit of fun with some black and white textures.

Boat House

I really liked this boat house.  The green color of the rock caught my eye. 
Single shot HDR processed in Photomatix.


Another interesting building in Philly.


I have to ask myself.  Why are there moose and a naked indian at the base of the George Washington statue in front of the Philadepia Museum of art?  I'm sure there is a good reason, I just don't know what it is.  Again, single shot handheld HRD using Photomatix. 


Here is an interesting location that I found along the river in Philadelphia.  Again, hand held, single shot HDR.


Another shot in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


This statue is in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.   I'm sure it has historic and cultural significance, but it looks to me like a chicken is being choked.  


Nice contrast between the stone and the steel.   Single shot HDR processed in Photomatix

Boat House

I saw this nice row of boat houses during a walk along the river while visiting Philadelphia.  HDR from a single RAW image. 


Here is a single shot HDR that I did of the George Washington statue that sits in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Independence Hall 2

Another shot of Independence Hall

Independence Hall

One of the other things that I wanted to do while in Philadelphia was take a nice HDR picture of Independence Hall.  Lesson learned: I should have gone to this site first:
The hall is being renovated.  Since I walked all the way over there, I took the picture any way.

Note to you photographers out there.  The park rangers are wound kind of tightly.  As soon as I set up my tripod one of them came over and started asking a lot of questions about why I was there and what I was doing.  I almost laughed at him when he asked if I was a professional photographer.  Then he asked me if I was taking video.  So, I started asking him questions.  Is it OK to take pictures of the hall?  Is it OK to use a tripod?  Is it OK to stand on the sidewalk in front of the hall?  Is it OK to be a tourist?  He finally mumble something about national security and left me alone.

Lots of people had cameras out and were taking pictures.  It was the tripod that got the attention.  I must…

Liberty Bell

I spent a week in Philadelphia recently.  One evening we walked over to see the Liberty Bell.  Now, I know that the visitors center closes at 5pm.  So, all I could get is a shot through the glass.  Lots of reflections, but you can still see the bell pretty well.