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On the way home today I saw a bunch of geese sitting in a field.  So I went home, got my camera and hurried back.  As soon as I stopped the geese started walking away.  Even with at 200mm lens, they were too far away.  This is the best I could do.

Mr. Mac

My photo blog has taken a short foray into the business review category.  I do so without apology.  Great businesses should be rewarded with great feedback and those who need improvement in customer service should also be rewarded with feedback so that they can improve.  Here is one that I think needs improvement.  I have been in Mr. Mac 4 times.  I have purchased a pair of shoes, some socks, and lately some ear muffs.  Since they are very close to were I work I decided to give them a few opportunities to win my lasting patronage.  Sorry Mr. Mac, you have failed. 

Here are my gripes.  When I walk in I don't feel like they want to help me, they just want my commission.  The last time I was in there I just needed some ear muffs. The sales lady tried to sell me gloves and a scarf (I was wearing both of these items when I walked in).  Then she tried to sell me some rubber shoe covers.  I have some at home.  Then she asked if I needed a suit.  When I declined she stayed after me until…


Replicolor came highly recommended by both Pictureline and a professional photographer that I know.  I have only had one other picture printed, so I'm still an newbie when it comes to digital printing.  I sent the picture to them via their web page.  They printed it on 11x17 paper.  It was nicely done, but way too dark.  I asked them where I went wrong and was told that they printed it just like I sent it to them. (that is what they do)  After some discussion, they explained that my monitor must not be calibrated.  How do I calibrate my monitor?  Spend more money and get more equipment.   Since I needed the pictures soon I asked if they could lighten it up a bit and print a small proof.  Great.  Two days later I went back.  The proof was way too light and somehow the saturation was set too high.  With time running out I described what I wanted them to do and told them to print it again in the large format.  The final product still didn't come out quite like I wanted.  They wer…

SLC Bicycle Co.

I've been in this bike shop several times and am always impressed.  The people are very helpful and they have a good selection.  Also, I think it is kind of a cool looking building.  Here is their web site:

Barber Shop

Want a great barber shop in downtown Salt Lake?  This is the place!  I admit this isn't much of a photo, but it is fantastic little shop.  Dani and Bob have both cut my hair and did a superb job.  In addition to being great barbers, they are really nice people.  Deseret Barber Shop is clean, comfortable and convenient to downtown.   This isn't really what my blog was originally about, but I believe that great service ought to be rewarded and shared so that others can benefit.  Stop by and see Dani and Bob at 135 E. Social Hall Ave (801-328-1910) you won't be disappointed.

Gingerbread House

We got a bit out of control with our gingerbread house this year.  We have built a gingerbread house at Christmas time every year for the the last 24 years.  This year's extravaganza was designed and built by my boys.  They wanted it big, so this is big!  We certainly won't win any beauty contests, but where else will you see a gingerbread house with Santa in the hot tub?  The trees with snow on them were my wife's contribution. 

Waiting for the Bus

I am just going to let this picture speak for itself. 

Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription

This is probably the most famous barn in Cache Valley.  I caught this shot on Halloween just as the sun went behind the Wellsville Mountains.

Christmas Lights

Last shot of the lights at Temple Square. 

Temple at Night

One more shot of the Christmas lights at temple square.

Christmas Lights

Temple Square is great place to visit during the holidays. 

Assembly Hall at Night

The Assembly Hall on Temple Square is a great building, but I think it is dwarfed by all of the other buildings on the square and so it doesn't get much attention.  Here is a simpleshot of it with the Christmas Lights on. 

Red Lights

Temple Square in Salt Lake City is beautiful at Christmas time.  We went there last night.  It was packed with people.  However, I still got a few shots of the lights.  Here is the first one. 

U.P. Building South

Final shot of the Union Pacific Building.  This is of the south end.  Nice mural.

One other note: This is my 100th post!  Yippee.  Does that make me a real blogger?