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Black and White House

I'm sorry to post so many pictures of the same old house, but the textures are amazing.  I decided to try one in black and white to see how it turned out.


One of the coolest things about HDR is what shows up after you process the pictures.  I don't even remember seeing this light fixture when I took the picture since it was so dark in the room. 

Porch Detail

Same old house.

More old house

Blue Breakers

This is certainly come crappy electrical work.

Bricks and Nails

Another shot of the exterior wall of the house.

In the shadows

I had a great time taking pictures of this old house.  I'm still not done processing them all.  Here is a continuation of the series.

Old Wood

This Old House

An HDR of an old house in my neighborhood.

Brick Corner

Another shot of bricks and nails

Blue Window

Nails and Bricks

This picture is of the same old house.  I thought the rusty nails in the bricks were an interesting feature.

Shed in the Shadows

Here is my Week 7 submission to #2012PROJECT52
Theme this week theme is 'Shadows'

What's for Lunch?

Another Puppy


Taking a nap


These dogs are just so darn cute, I took about 300 shots of them.  The only reason I stopped was because my card was full.