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More DC Rugby

I've been using my son's rugby games to work on my sports photography.  (This isn't my son)  Right now I end up deleting about 90% of all the pictures that I take.  Most of the problems have to do with focusing on the correct subject.  I have a Tamaron 70-300 lens that doesn't focus very quickly, so I end up taking pictures just a bit out of focus.  Also, I have learned that it is very hard to be in the right place at the right time.  I have a new respect for sports photographers who sit in the endzone the entire game in hopes of getting a few good shots.

Another Bad Hair Day

Sorry,  I can't let this one pass.  This kid's hair is just too cool. 


Here is a great shot I took last night at the DC Rugby game.  That hair just begs to be photographed.

DC Rugby Bags

DC Rugby Sophomore 1 team is undefeated for the year.  I was taking a few shots of the game tonight and saw all these bags sitting there. 

Tea party 2

Another shot with my Iphone


Tea Party

I just happened to be in Sacramento today and walked over to see the tea party. Very peaceful and patriotic.


Purple egg

A quick shot from the family Easter Egg hunt in Mac Park

Oh Deer

At our Easter Egg hunt last week I saw these deer up in the trees.