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Brain Fork

Another still life for my photo class

My in-laws picked up this item in Fuji.  They said it was a replica of a brain fork that the cannibals used.  mmmm....

Still Life #3

One more attempt at a still life for my photography class.

Weight Room

Here is the second still life that I did for my photo class.

At our photo class we talked about still life, worked on lighting, and did some more still life shots.  The assignment for the next two weeks is to do some more still life, only this time do it better.

Duplo Pile

Here is my first attempt at a still life.  As you can see, I have a lot to learn about lighting.
No fancy set up here.  I just spread the Duplos out on a piece of black fabric.  Pointed my halogen shop light at them and climbed on a ladder to take the picture.  I have much to learn.  I hope this photo class helps.

Photo Class

How do you get better at photography?  I'm sure there are lots of ways, but I chose to take a photo class. 
The person teaching the class is Steve Coray.  Here is his web site: Coray Photo

Our first assignment for this week is to do a still life.  I have to admit that I wasn't really sure what a still life was.  Yes, I know that if you take a picture of a bowl of fruit on a table, that is called a still life.  But I'm really not interested in taking pictures of bowls of fruit on tables.  So I asked myself.  What can I do that would be considered a still life, but not be a bowl of fruit. 

Google to the rescue.  The first top was at Wikipedia:  Still Life Photography
I copied a couple of pertinent sentences below. 

Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects. Still life photography is a demanding art, one in which the photographers are expected to be able to form their work with a refined sense of lighting…

Linchpin by Seth Godin

By making a small donation to the Acumen Fund I was able to get a free preview copy of Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin.  This is only the second book I have read by Seth Godin.  I just recently discovered his work and am kind of a late comer to the Seth Godin party.  The first book I read was Tribes.  Great book.  Here is my review.  After I read Tribes I started reading Seth Godin's Blog.  I'll admit that I have become a bit of a Seth Godin fan.  So, when I was given the opportunity to get an advance copy of Linchpin, I jumped at the chance. 

I judge the value of a book by its impact on my life.  Did it inspire me?  Am I going to do something differently now that I have read this book?  Do I want to share it with others?   Additionally, I usually read non-fiction books with a pen or highlighter in my hand.  As I go through the book I'll highlight important points or things that made an impact on me.  The more highlights the better the book.   So, was this book valuab…

Out with the old

This week was a major turning point in my life.  I finished at my old job on Friday and will start my new job on Tuesday.  I won't be in Salt Lake City anymore, so I won't be able to walk around downtown and take pictures.  So where does this blog go from here? It will need to take a new direction.  
Here are some of the things that you can look for me to write about.  
- Cycling: I'm not very good at it, but I like to ride.  It's great exercise and it's fun.  Whether it is with my cycling club, the Wasatch Wheelmen, or by myself, I still have a great time.  
- Photography: This is my old and my new hobby.  I put it aside for several years, but I'm picking it up again.  I'll continue to post lots of pictures.  
- Personal productivity and Leadership: This is a personal quest of mine.  If I find great tips, I'll post them and comment on them.  
- Reading: I try to read at least one book a month.  I know that isn't a lot for some of you avid readers, but i…

The Regent

It is topped out and the glazing is being placed. The Regent is looking good.


The Inn

Just below the Capitol is a this old mansion that has been turned in to a B&B. I've never been inside, but their web site makes it look inviting.  The Inn on the Hill

Capitol Hill Ward

This has got to be one of the more interesting LDS churches in SLC. It is across the street from the capitol. Look, no steeple.

Utah Indian

I took a walk around the State Capitol today.


City Creek Park

It is smoggy in the valley, but there is always beauty in the park.

Hatch Chocolates

Here is a little gem that most people don't know about. Hatch Chocolates is on 4th Ave and E street. I have been in several times. Great people, great service, and most important, great chocolate.

Note: This was an experiment.  I took this photo with my Iphone, changed the exposure and saturation of the photo with the Iphone phototshop app, and posted it from my Iphone via the BlogPressLite app.  Not bad for my first attempt.

Happy New Year

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog last year. It has been an interesting journey.

It has become necessary to take this blog in a different direction. It will still contain some of my photos, but I will need to change the topic. I'm still working out the exact details. More info will be coming soon.