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Bryce Canyon 4

Bryce Canyon 3

Down Into the Canyon

As we hiked down into Bryce Canyon, the trail took an interesting turn (or should I say, a bunch of interesting turns.  This reminded me of that old marble game that you put the marble in the top and it rolled back and forth down a wooden track to the bottom.

Bryce Canyon 2

Thor's Hammer

Everyone takes this picture, so I had to take it as well.  They call it Thor's Hammer.

Bryce Canyon 1

That's enough of Zion's, let's shift over to another incredible national park, Bryce Canyon.

Three Patriarchs 3

One more of the Three Patriarchs at Zion's National Park

Three Patriarchs 2

Zion's Three Patriarchs 1

If I were a tree

If I were a tree, I don't think this is where I would choose to grow.  Maybe it didn't get a chance to pick. 

Zion's National Park 14

Zion's National Park 13

Zion's National Park 12

Zion's National Park 11

Emerald Pool at Zion's 2

Emerald Pool at Zion's

One of the hikes we took was up to the Emerald Pools.  Here is a shot of one of them. 

Water at Zion's

Spring at Zion's