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You guessed right.  That was too easy.

Guess this Reflection

Take a guess at what the reflection in this building.  Bonus points for the name of the building


I have no real title for this picture, it is just an attempt to capture an impressive piece of architecture.   This is near the space needle in Seattle.

Sleeping in Seattle

As I walked through the park I saw this guy sleeping on a concrete slab.  I thought there must be a more comfortable place to sleep, but maybe not.  I don't think I have ever slept on the concrete before.  Maybe it is better than I think it is.

Dragonfly on a Rope

How do you get a bug to hold still so that you can take his portrait?

Seattle Street

I found this very interesting building on the way back from dinner at Ivars.

Play'n Ace

I saw this guy at the space needle park in Seattle playing the Ace Hardware buckets.  It actually sounded pretty good.

Blue Glass

An HDR of downtown Seattle.

Black and White

I was trying to get a bit artsy-fartsy here.  This building was in the same park as the space needle.  I didn't get its name.  

Space Needle (again)

We can't leave without one more shot of the space needle.

Rainbow at the Needle

I caught a bit a of rainbow in this fountain near the Space Needle.

Space Needle

Here is the obligatory shot of the space needle.


The Seattle Aquarium

Fisherman's Warf

Another shot of the Fisherman's Warf area in Seattle.


Another shot of the same boat from a different angle.