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I found this old chunk of concrete in the back pasture.   I guess they used to use whatever they could find for aggregate.

DC Beats Highland

Davis county sophomore rugby team beat Highland today.  You can't tell by looking at them that they just beat the best team in the state.

Sacramento Temple 2

Another IPhone picture of the Sacramento temple. I did a
Bit of work on it in PS for the IPhone.


Sacramento Temple

I stopped by the Sacramento Temple tonight. It is a small temple, but very beautiful. It is in a great spot on the top of a hill. All I had was my IPhone, so the picture isn't that great.


DC Rugby

I'm just learning about the game of Rugby.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch a Davis County rugby match.  Great game.  Why didn't I learn about it sooner?  

Kaysville Lights

I am going to break a personal rule and post more than one picture today.  These two kind of go together.  They are my attempt at some long exposures.  Both are taken from the 200 North bridge in Kaysville. 


Another experiment with HDR and light.

Old Mill

I have been wanting to get a picture of the old mill in Kaysville for quite a while.  At dusk tonight I was out trying to get some shots for my photo class and just happened upon this picture of the mill.   It was very dark so this is a 13 second exposure at f8.0.  The mill is a hard to photograph because there is so much stuff around it.  I'm thinking that next time I need to get on the other side of the freeway and shoot it looking to the west.