Saturday, February 15, 2014

GTD + EN: Yearly Review

Yearly review 

Once a year you need to spend some time doing personal reflection and review.  Here is my yearly review.  
  1. Review goals from last year
    • Celebrate success
    • Analyze areas for improvement
  2. Set goals in each area of life
    • Physical
    • Intellectual
    • Spiritual
    • Social/Emotional
    • Financial
    • Career
    • Family
  3. Clean up Evernote
    • Empty trash
    • Empty Archive folder
    • Do a notebook by notebook cleanup and delete old notes and unused / out of date notebooks
  4. Review 30,000 - 50,000 ft level (GTD) 
    • 50,000 + feet: Life
    • 40,000 feet: Three- to five-year visions
    • 30,000 feet: One-to two-year goals
  5. Discuss plans and goals with spouse
  6. Add known events for the year into Google Calendar
    • Schedule time for vacations 
  7. Clean out file cabinets at work and at home
I don't do this all at once.  It is too big of task.  I usually work on the goals and future life plans all during the month of December.  Also, I break the cleaning up tasks into manageable chunks that I do between Christmas and New years.  I generally have some time off during those days and start to feel restless after a few days of sitting around.  Cleaning up is very cathartic.  

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