Saturday, January 25, 2014

GTD + EN: Daily Review

One of the critical things you must do if you want GTD to work is the Daily Review. 
For those of you who are struggling with you daily review, here is mine.  Hopefully it helps you.  
  1. Pray
  2. Review my calendar
  3. Empty outlook in-box (GTD Workflow Processing) 
    • Actionable? No
      • Trash
      • Incubate (send to EN in-box w/tag !Someday/Maybe)
      • Reference (send to EN in-box w/tag .Reference)
    • Project? Yes (Send to EN in-box) 
    • Do/respond (If less than 2 minutes) 
    • Delegate (Send it first then send to EN in-box with a tag of !Waiting for) 
    • Defer (Calendar or send to EN in-box and tag with !Later or !Someday/Maybe)
    • File all email in appropriate folder in Outlook (Get to In-box Zero)
  4. Scan gmail in-boxes 
    • Look for items that are work related and process the same as the Outlook in-box
    • Finish processing the rest of the gmail in box at home
  5. Process my Evernote in-box
    • Give every note a !When, @Where tag.  (Some notes also get .Who tags)
    • Move note to appropriate Folder (Folders are my "What" categories)
  6. Run "daily review" saved search 
    • Looks at !Later, !Waiting for, and !Daily tags
    • Move items that need to be done today up in priority to !Next Action 
  7. Review notes with a reminder of Today make sure they are showing up on my "Work" search
  8. Go to my "Work" saved search and review
    • Work = !Next action and @work tasks
  9. Act
    • Typically I work through the list without prioritizing.  I grab the first one that seems the most important.  After completing each task I re-prioritize based on the current need.  
    • David Allen writes: "You shouldn't bother to create some external structuring of the priorities on your lists that you'll then have to rearrange or rewrite as things change. ... You'll be prioritizing more intuitively as you see the whole list, against quite a number of shifting variables." (GTD p.141)
  10. Close tasks when they are done. 
    • Add !Closed tag
    • Remove !Next Action tag
Try to discipline yourself to review your Outlook/g-mail in-boxes no more than every couple of hours.  Twice a day would be better.   Do step 3 each time you open your inbox.  Always work to have your in-box at zero.  

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