Friday, January 3, 2014

Book: Tribal Leadership

I just finished listening to Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan.  Overall, I was very impressed
with the content, stories and the method he has used to categorize organizations. It gave me several great ideas of how to improve the culture in both the organization that I work for as well as my family. (Yes, the book begs the question, are we a stage 5 family?)

One question that keep nagging me through the book was this. I work in an organization that has the the ultimate noble cause and the greatest opportunity to operate as a stage 5 tribe, but I still see behaviors from the lower stages more than I see level 5 behavior. Why? 

I appreciate the ideas I got from the book to help me be a stage 5 leader. Like other authors in this genre have pointed out, the way to change the culture is to first change yourself. 

Since the audio book is free I would highly recommend you download it and listen to it

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