Sunday, December 22, 2013

Networking Tip

I recently listened to a podcast called "Beyond the To Do List" by @ErikJFisher  This episode had Dave Delaney  of One of the points that Dave made was that you need to be networking long before you you need something from your network. His point was that networking is about service and giving, not about finding people who can help you find a job. Add value to your network first and do it long before you may need help.

His words really resonated with me.  During my last period of unemployment I went to several networking meetings.  It was disappointing to see so many people there who were focused solely on what they could get out of others and didn't show up with an attitude of how can I help someone.  When you are unemployed, it is easy to become selfish, but when you serve and help others, then others will serve and help you.

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