Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book Cover

I had an interesting time making the cover for the book that my brother and I wrote.  It went out on Amazon Kindle last week.

After I looked at several stock photos and how much they cost, I decided to try and do the picture myself.  I had never taken a picture of a candle in low light, so It presented an interesting challenge.  After arranging the books on the table, lighting the candle and turning off the lights, I started shooting.  After a few dozen shots without much success, we started trying different light sources.  Nothing seemed to work until my 14 year old son came walking through the dark room with is iPod flashlight on.   That's when the idea hit me to use his small light to try an put a bit more light on the page of the book that is opened.  Direct light from the iPod was too bright and cold, so we got a paper plate and he stood above the book with the light reflecting off the plate and on to the pages.   After a bit of processing in Aperture, I got what I wanted.   Here is the book cover:

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