Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Rules of Dieting

Here are my 10 rules of dieting.  I'm not a dieting expert, so take them for what they are worth.   

Rule #1:  Eat less and exercise more (If you do nothing else, simply apply this one rule)

Rule #2:  Don't drink your calories (as a corollary to this rule, remember that aspartame is NOT your friend) 

Rule #3:  Before you eat anything chant the following:  "Less sugar, less salt, less fat."  

Rule #4:  Eat more veggies, more fruits and more whole grains. 

Rule #5:  Think twice before eating anything made of white flour.  (Remember, the whiter the bread, the sooner your dead.)

Rule #6:  Drink more water (how much more?  Who knows, just drink more water) 

Rule #7:   Don't eat after 8pm.  (This one rule would save most of us) 

Rule #8:  If you can prepare the food for consumption and leave it on the counter at room temperature for three days and it is still edible, then don't eat it in the first place.

Rule #9:  Never eat anything with packaging that weighs more than the food inside the packaging.    

Rule #10:  If you think you need to go on the latest fad diet, first bounce that diet off of the direction given in the Word of Wisdom (Click here to read it if you have never heard of it).  If the diet is telling you to do something that contradicts section 89, then find a new diet. 

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