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Single Speed

The main stream bike industry continues to go down the lighter, faster, and more aero path.  However, my fascination with bikes likes outside the latest carbon frame.  My latest quest has been to get back to the basics, and consider what is really essential in a bike.  For that reason, I have been looking at single speeds.  No, I'm not a fixie guy (although I'm intrigued that anyone could ride a fixie) I'm talking a basic single speed.

Last spring I turned an old commuter bike I had in the garage into a single speed.   My son took the bike with him to college and got around on it fine.  The only trouble I have had with it is the chain tensioner.  It just doesn't want to hold the chain tight enough and if you really crank on it going up a hill you occasionally get a surprise chain jump.  It is not very comfortable.

I found this interesting web site that sells custom single speeds.  It is called Big Shot Bikes.  For $389 you can get a single speed with all custom colors.  If I were to buy one, I would go with something like this:

If you have a single speed, I would welcome your comments on your experience with it.  



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