Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's time to clean up the Christmas Decorations.  We took all the lights off the house yesterday.  As I looked at the pile of lights I thought it might be a good picture.  Here is the result.   

Last year I had a goal to post 150 pictures on my blog.  As you can see I got it done.  This year my goal is to improve the quality of my photos.  I need to learn how to use Aperture and Photomatix more effectively. 

Also, I have another goal.  I follow a few hundred photographers over on Google Plus.  This year I'm participating in Google Plus 2012 Project 52.  I need to post one photo a week to the site that fits the theme of the week.  The first week is, of course, happy new year.  Check out the other photos here

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