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Replicolor came highly recommended by both Pictureline and a professional photographer that I know.  I have only had one other picture printed, so I'm still an newbie when it comes to digital printing.  I sent the picture to them via their web page.  They printed it on 11x17 paper.  It was nicely done, but way too dark.  I asked them where I went wrong and was told that they printed it just like I sent it to them. (that is what they do)  After some discussion, they explained that my monitor must not be calibrated.  How do I calibrate my monitor?  Spend more money and get more equipment.   Since I needed the pictures soon I asked if they could lighten it up a bit and print a small proof.  Great.  Two days later I went back.  The proof was way too light and somehow the saturation was set too high.  With time running out I described what I wanted them to do and told them to print it again in the large format.  The final product still didn't come out quite like I wanted.  They were very nice about it, but I felt like they are used to dealing with people a lot more advanced than me and didn't have the time to teach me how to get the prints I wanted. 

Bottom line, I guess I need to find somewhere else cheaper to get my digital printing done so that my mistakes don't cost as much.  At least until I get this whole monitor calibration thing figured out. 


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Bajio, Cafe Rio, or Costa Vida?

It is time for the showdown.  Which one is best: Bajio, Cafe Rio, or Costa Vida?  Or is it (as was my opinion) that they are all exactly the same?

I decided to do a taste test.  Six people participated.  Three were salad testers and three were burrito testers.  None of the people who participated have any food judging experience although a couple of them have competed in cooking contests and have a couple of first place finishes to their name.   Each couple went to a different restaurant and picked up a Sweet Pork Salad and an Steak Burrito to go.  We ordered each salad with black beans and their creamy green dressing (whatever they happened to call it).  The steak burritos were ordered enchilada style with black beans. Then we all met at a central location and judged each dish on the following:

Value Score = Weight (oz)/Cost($)
Overall Appeal (visual appeal, aroma, garnish)
Recipe (Cooking, ingredient combination, too moist or dry)
Taste (Flavor combination, Seasoning, Texture)

This …

Sea Arch at Cabo

We just returned from a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  Great Trip!  I didn't take my good camera, so these pictures were all taken with a Canon A1100IS, then processed in Aperture.

This is the sea arch at the end of the Baja peninsula near Cabo San Lucas

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about using the highlight feature in the gospel library app to differentiate between gospel topics.

Why do we highlight in the first place?  The answer is simple.  It comes from the day when most people used paper scriptures.  They used colors and highlights to help you find scriptures.  Most of us do not have the time or the capacity to memorize the references for hundreds of scriptures so we relied on the our memory to get us close.  For example, the scripture about the natural man being an enemy to God, in my mind is not in Mosiah 3:19, but it is located in the first few chapters of Mosiah on the right hand page in the right column toward the top.  So, to find it I would simply flip through the first few chapters of the Book of Mosiah until I locate the highlights that I made on Mosiah 3:19.   This system served me well until we all started using electronic scriptures.  Now there are no pages or columns.  It is just one long column separated into chap…