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Mr. Mac

My photo blog has taken a short foray into the business review category.  I do so without apology.  Great businesses should be rewarded with great feedback and those who need improvement in customer service should also be rewarded with feedback so that they can improve.  Here is one that I think needs improvement.  I have been in Mr. Mac 4 times.  I have purchased a pair of shoes, some socks, and lately some ear muffs.  Since they are very close to were I work I decided to give them a few opportunities to win my lasting patronage.  Sorry Mr. Mac, you have failed. 

Here are my gripes.  When I walk in I don't feel like they want to help me, they just want my commission.  The last time I was in there I just needed some ear muffs. The sales lady tried to sell me gloves and a scarf (I was wearing both of these items when I walked in).  Then she tried to sell me some rubber shoe covers.  I have some at home.  Then she asked if I needed a suit.  When I declined she stayed after me until agreed that I would come in and see her next time I needed a suit. 

The socks I bought there are now in the garbage.  They wore out much quicker than I expected.  The shoes I bought are on the closet floor looking next to new.  I did a dummy and let the sales person talk me into something that I didn't really want.  After I wore them a few times it became obvious I had made a mistake.  Too late.  Dumb me for listening to a man who is more interested in making a sale than making a long term customer.

Finally, the most irritating thing is that when you get to the checkout counter the sales person makes some random determination on what the discounted price will be.  It is like a game.  How do I get the deepest discount?  Do I buy more?  Do I have to make friends with the sales person?  Do I have to promise to come back?  If I come back a lot do I get more off?  What is the secret?  The prices mean nothing so I never know what things really cost. 

Sorry Mr. Mac you have lost a customer.  I have had really good experiences at Men's Wearhouse.  I think I will return to them. 


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