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State Reception Room

This is my first attempt at an HDR stitch. Not too bad for a first try (if I do say so myself). This photo was created using a 4 frame panorama with each frame bracketed by +/- 2 stops and then merged in Photomatix. By the way, I love Photomatix. It is amazing! If you plan to buy it, make sure you get the 15% discount code from .
This room is in the Utah State Capitol Building. It is called the State Reception Room. You can walk in and look at it, but there are velvet ropes prevent you from going in much beyond the doors. When I walked in I said WOW! Yes, it is purple--very purple. Here is a 360 degree panorama if you want to compare mine to a pro.
By the way, you will notice that in the 360 degree panorama the colors are washed out a bit and the view out the windows is completely blown out. Compare this to my HDR. You will soon become an HDR convert.
Side note. I had to greatly compress this image. The final stitched/HDR TIFF file was nearly 1GB. It was huge. Good thing memory is cheap.


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