Sunday, February 16, 2014

GTD + EN Weekly Review

The weekly review is critical for success.
The most important thing I do during the weekly review is calendar coordination.  
I typically do this on Sunday evening.

Here is the process:

  • Calendar review and coordination with spouse and family
    • Plan my exercise time for the week.  (This falls in the "put the big rocks in first" category)
    • Coordinate this week's events
    • Discuss upcoming events
  • Empty paper based in-box at home (mostly bills and things to be filed/reviewed) 
  • Evernote Review and Cleanup
    • Run cleanup item saved searches (no tags, no !When, no @Where) 
    • Run weekly review saved search (Looks at all !Later and !Someday/Maybe tags)
    • Review all !Waiting for tags. Can any be moved to a !NextAction? 
    • Click on major tags to see if I have lost track of any items
  • Review archive notebook, is anything ready to be deleted?
  • Delete notes in trash older than 3 months
  • Look through my personal notebook (Evernote Moleskine)  to see if any of my handwritten action items got lost or didn't get entered into EN.    
  • Empty my head into Evernote

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