Monday, January 27, 2014

GTD + EN: 43 Folders

The Tickler File system or "43 Folders"

Does anyone still use David Allen's 43 folder method
  • One folder for each day of the month (31)
  • One folder for each month of the year (12)
I have tried using the 43 folders method in the past, but with Evernote reminders, it does not make sense any more. Here is why
  • Anything I need a copy of, I can get into a note. (Picture, document, web site.) If there are things that I need a paper copy of, for example, plane tickets, then I just create a folder for it and put it in my master filing system. Then I reference that folder in a note that reminds me to go to the folder.
  • EN reminder tool serves as my "tickler". I simply set a reminder and it pops up on my phone, in my e-mail and and in EN on the date/time I need reminded.
Keys to getting rid of the 43 folders and making it work in Evernote:
  • Make the next week's the upcoming reminders part of your daily review.
  • Have the discipline to include a date/time on the note when you are making the !When decision.  If you decide that the note gets that status of !Later, then add a date/time for when you need to look at it again.  
  • Trust your system.  If you have a system in place and you discipline yourself to use it, then trust it to remind you.    

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