Thursday, October 1, 2009

O.C. Tanner

If you want to see something amazing, you need to stop by the newly remodeled O.C. Tanner building in downtown Salt Lake (15 S. State Street). They just completed a $24 million renovation of the building. Incredible!
Here is a quote from the Sept 5th Deseret News by Carma Wadley.
The interior of the building is graced by a spiral staircase made of limestone. The inside of the staircase is highlighted with a Flora Cascade chandelier, done by London's Sharon Marston and made up of 4,000 strands of end-emitting fiber optics with more than 14,000 hand-folded shapes in white polymer and steel interwoven in. Plus, there are some 3,000 hand-blown glass leaves in gold and amber tones. The 26.4-foot-high chandelier weighs 243 pounds, a definite showpiece.
Getting a picture of the entire chandelier was almost impossible. I didn't feel comfortable setting up a tripod in the middle of the jewelry store at lunch time so I rested the camera on the 3rd floor railing and did a 5 shot stitch in PS4. It turned out too dark so I took the stitch back into Bridge and added +2 and +4 stops. Then I took the three pictures into Photomatix and did an HDR. I may be able to clean it up a bit more in PS4, but since I am still learning that program it may take a while.
Bottom line it is an amazing building. Bring your Gold card. You will need it.

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