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What am I doing on Facebook?

Why I don't like Facebook.

- I have more friends that I care about. How did I get that many friends.
- I don't care what color of crayon you would be if you were a crayon.
- I have never played Mafia wars, but truthfully I don't give a XXXX. (bad word removed to protect the delicate sensibilities of the children in the crowd).
- This easter egg thing has no redeeming value.
- I feel compelled to log on every day to see if one of my "friends" posted something.
- My real friends won't post anything because they think Facebook is as stupid as I do.
- I have friends that are underaged girls. This is weird. How did that happen? "I swear Judge, they invited me to be their friend."
- I need to get a life. Facebook isn't helping
- Most of my "friends" from high school that are on Facebook wouldn't talk to me when I was in high school. Why are we suddenly friends now?
- Why are there so many stupid polls?
- I seems that everyone has run out of stuff to do on Facebook so they have to keep inventing more stupid applications to give people something to do when they are on Facebook. Otherwise, everyone would get bored and leave. Then Facebook would be like Linkedin. Once you post your information, there isn't much to do except to wait for someone to post something. But since everyone is waiting for someone else to do something, then nothing ever gets posted.
- I can't leave Facebook. All my friends hang out there.
- I would Twitter, but I don't think anyone cares that I'm on the bus, at work, eating lunch, back in my cubicle, back on the bus, or at home hanging out on Facebook because I have no life.

I have got to get a new hobby.


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